Streamline your website with the 3 Click Rule

I have a few sites that I visit all of the time…or rather I should say I read content from all the time (The king is dead! Long live the king!). I rarely navigate to the actual site because the navigation is just such a mess I can’t find anything on the actual site. It’s one of the most frustrating experiences when you *know* what you are looking for is on the website, you just can’t find it. I think to myself all the time – there’s gotta be a better way.Continue Reading

3 Easy Ways to Make your Website More Effective

Two People talking with a check list

  Happy New Year!  I thought I would start off this year with a series of posts about your website, and making your website work for you…or work better for you.  Looking over a friend’s website, she asked me what are a few quick, easy things she could to make her website perform better.  She wanted […]

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My Post on Another Blog!

  Just a quick note, in my other life (that full-time kinda life), I’m Director of Marketing for Sagacious Consultants.  Bounce over there to see my post – the Evolution of the Sagacious Brand. Thanks for reading!

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How to Authentic: The ABCs of Authenticity

How to Authentic My first job out of college was a sales job, recruiting for a university.  I’ve never been much of a salesman–I love talk about my product, but I was never comfortable closing the sale.  I was OK at the job, performing ‘adequately’ but that was it. However, I noticed that my students […]

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What a Panda Taught Me about Social Media

My love of cartoons is pretty prolific. My friend’s make fun of me because if I had the choice, I would probably never watch real people on the TV again. I was watching one of my favorite animated movies (which also combines my love of all things martial arts), Kung Fu Panda when one of […]

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How to Get Someone to Click “Like” on your Tweet

  “But…but you can’t Like a Tweet!  What are you talking about?!” It’s pretty easy to spot someone who doesn’t understand the social media basics, because they can’t use the lingo and they don’t understand the differences in platforms.  A Follower is not a Like (though they are similar).  Repinning is similar to Retweet is Similar to […]

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Ultimate Writing Resource List

I found this on Tumblr today — awesome list of general tips and a great resource as a whole.  Catch it after recreated after the jump, or hit the link and see it in action now. Ultimate Writing Resource List

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Marketing and Feeling Dirty

So as I mentioned previously I just started a new role as Director of Marketing in my consulting firm.  It’s a brand new role, one that I argued for 2 years to have created and hopefully have me fill it.  With so many choices in our consulting niche, I argued, we have to do something […]

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Creativity, Risk, and Business

I’ve noticed that my time as a consultant, I noticed that I was taking less risks.  While I noticed it other places, I noticed that my problem solving seemed to a little bit too much “by the rules.”  I think for most people, this is a fine state of being, and being a problem solver […]

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Building a Home for a Community – Part 2

This installment I’m going talk about the last couple weeks up until the game actually shut down, December 9th.  That, I think, deserves it’s own installment in this series.  The Website So I had this crazy concept—create a Facebook specifically for my community, for “Glitchen” as they are called, the players of Glitch.  I had […]

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